Mission Requests

Missions are generally requested through institutions or accredited practitioners.

A Mission Request is available through this website and may be mailed . If you are under the direct care of a physician, we must have a Medical Release Form signed by your doctor before we can arrange any flights. We may require 5-7 working days to coordinate your mission.

Request Letter – (PDF) (DOC) – Please read first

Mission Request – (PDF) (DOC)

Patient Waiver Form – (PDF) (DOC)

Conditions and Limitations

Please understand that we are NOT an air ambulance. No medical treatments are available in flight, and we do not carry medical personnel. Our aircraft are typically 4 to 6 place, unpressurized aircraft, traveling between 150 and 190 MPH. The cabin altitude may routinely be above 5000 feet. If required by your doctor, supplemental oxygen may be carried, if provided by you, and meeting the space or weight limits of the aircraft to be used. Be sure to include size and weight details in the REMARKS section of the Mission Request Form.

Medically Stable and Ambulatory

All passengers must be medically stable and ambulatory. They must be able to climb aboard and deplane without assistance. All passengers must be able to sit up, remain stationary and wear a seat belt for the duration of the flight(s). General aviation aircraft are similar in size to a compact vehicle. Individual passenger and total passenger weights may be important for safety reasons, so we ask for that information on our Mission Request Form. Baggage size and weight limits are limited to two pieces of “carry on” size and 40 lbs total weight. We usually accommodate one passenger (the person for whom the mission is requested) and one companion. Your pilot will be able to answer questions regarding any limitations on the specific aircraft scheduled for your flight.