Help and Hope to those in need…

If you had a chance to save a life…would you?

Most folks offer a resounding “YES” and that’s one of our Core Values at CAIR Flight. Of course we deserve to take care of ourselves and our families first, so by all means, keep up with preventative medicine. Sometimes, however, through no fault of their own, people suffer serious health setbacks and need to travel hundreds of miles for treatment. Please take a moment to visit our Mission Stories as they demonstrate specifically how we enhance and extend lives together. CAIR Flight is here to help – – – and you can help those less fortunate by partnering with us in support of our public benefit flying. There is never a charge to our passengers!

CAIR Flight links pilots and patients in need of essential care

Our Mission Coordinating Program is accomplished by volunteers on the ground, and our pilots who donate their time, skills and personal aircraft. If you compared the cost of aircraft chartering; the transportation “Value” returned to our community is five (5) times that amount. Mission Sponsorships are available at the following levels, and while we know you recognize our philanthropic intent; we will be happy to discuss with you the media and community exposure you may receive as a direct benefit of your participation.

The average cost of a mission is around $500.

Special Donation Levels

Wing Leader: $5,000 – Support 10 missions
Group Leader: $3,500 – Support 7 missions
Flight Leader: $2,500 – Support 5 missions
Squadron Leader: $1,000 – Support 2 missions
Mission Leader: $500 – Support a mission
Or any amount you like . . .

“Gas and Go Program” $100 – Purchases fuel for 200 miles
“Adopt A Bear”: $40 – “CAIR Bear” makes a great gift for kids, grandkids, and friends. Consider adopting a CAIR bear in honor of a friend, survivor, or allow us to “re-gift” to a child we fly.
“Big Bird Program”Contact us to donate your unused air miles

Every donation no matter the amount makes a difference and we appreciate the essential generosity of our supporters. We receive no government funding.

Make a donation of any amount

All donations are tax deductible. CAIR Flight Inc. is an IRS qualified 501(c)3 not-for-profit.

Thank you for your help…