About CAIR Flight Inc.

cairflight-volunteer-pilotCAIR Flight Inc. is a Tampa,FL, based 501c3 corporation that coordinates charitable airlift to those in need.

Our goal is to help our neighbors reach essential medical resources or to reunite families in critical times. We hope no one will miss life saving treatment because of time, distance or money. We have proudly flown missions for children, adults, wounded warriors and served as first responders during natural disasters.

Who We Fly

Our passengers must be medically stable and ambulatory(we require a medical release from your physician). Service by our volunteer pilots is aboard general aviation aircraft. You must be able to board without assistance, sit up, and wear your seatbelt. We are not an air ambulance and cannot offer enroute medical care.


Frequent Flyers

“Frequent Flyers” addresses the medical research community and those patients requiring repetitive travel in search of treatment for cancer and other illnesses. We advance the cause of medicine while providing access to essential therapies. Tomorrow’s cures evolve from today’s trials. Referred missions often come through American Cancer Society, Moffitt Cancer & Research Center, Shriners Orthopaedic Hospital, Hospice, and others.


“Heartland” addresses our compassionate missions bringing families together in time of crisis. Referrals from LifePath and other Hospice groups alert us to family needs.

CAIR Flight’s mission is to overcome the obstacles of time, distance or finance for our neighbors. We believe that life saving treatment should always be within reach even if it’s not locally available.

Conditions and Limitations:

Our typical aircraft seat four people and are non-pressurized. No treatment can be administered enroute. We are permitted to carry supplemental oxygen provided by our passenger, if required. Typically there is room for one family member and limited weight soft-sided luggage.

For more information about our outreach programs or to arrange for a mission, please contact us at:

CAIR Flight, Inc.
Tampa Executive Airport (KVDF)
Tampa, Florida
HQ Phone: 813-360-0889

Email: Missions