Naples to Moffitt

KinchRick091813“I am writing to share my gratitude for your pilot, Rick Wachstein, who went ‘above and beyond’ when he agreed to fulfill a mission that was unable to be covered by another group. This form of transportation is absolutely necessary for me to travel between my hometown of Naples, FL and my treatment center at Moffitt Research Center, with a return flight on the same day.

His willingness to step in and cover these trips allowed me the ability to successfully receive another of my weekly chemotherapy infusions for a difficult cancer.

Volunteers and pilots such as Rick are truly the difference; keeping people like myself alive and make our “dream of hope” possible. Being a cancer survivor himself, Rick knows better than most how important these flights are to the typical cancer patient survival rate. To show my gratitude, I will reach out to my local community, starting with my Church for donations to hopefully supply aircraft fuel and other CAIR flight needs. We need to maintain these extremely beneficial missions that you all provide. Thanks again, Rick”