Adopt A CAIR Bear

CAIR Bear Adopt OneThese cute little “CAIR” bears will melt your heart and bring genuine smiles to those around you. Each one is approximately 10 inches tall and comes outfitted in classic pilot gear (bomber jacket, goggles, and traditional white flying scarf).

BECOME FAMOUS! Would you like to appear on our website & FaceBook page? Travel with your CAIR bear; sharing photos from unique destinations and we’ll show the world what joy you share by traveling together!

cair-bear-girlWe’ve made arrangements with Joe (our neighborhood UPS driver) to let our CAIR Bears ride along with him on his truck during the journey to your home. Your $25.00 adoption fee should include shipping. Adopt now and we’ll get your bear packed and on the way within two days.

We truly appreciate your help in adopting these bears into good homes…Remember they’re very independent, but need lots of hugs! And yes, as pilots they love to travel…so don’t leave home without them.

BE A SPECIAL DONOR! At your request, we would be privileged to “re-gift” your bear(s) to a child we fly, who we know will hug them throughout their flight and beyond!

Purchase a CAIR bear:

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